New learning series combines multiple patient safety resources

New learning series combines multiple patient safety resources

If you click on Learning Series from the main menu of UNOS Connect, you’ll find our latest offering titled, PHS & Disease Transmission. We’ve taken patient safety-related courses from multiple sections throughout the learning management system and combined them for your convenience. In one area you’ll find videos, webinars, PDFs and other educational resources, all of which will help you apply the 2013 PHS Guideline recommendations and any OPTN safety-related policy to your current practices.

Staff from OPOs and transplant centers can choose from these helpful topics:

  • Proactively Avert Errors
  • Reporting Safety Events
  • Hemodilution Errors
  • Alignment of OPTN Policies with 2013 PHS Guidelines
  • Applying the 2013 PHS Guideline When Evaluating a Donor
  • Re-execute the Match Run Based on Infectious Disease Results and HOPE Act
  • Improving Post-Transplant Communication of New Donor Iinformation
  • DTAC/CDC Collaborative Case Reviews
  • Infectious Disease Verification in the Living Donor
  • Guidance on PHS Increased Risk Donor Organs
  • Following Recipients of Increased Risk
  • Ethics of Increased Risk
  • Updates to PDDTE Reporting
  • Improvement to Infectious Disease Reporting and Screening
  • Coordinating Organ Offers
  • Updating the Patient Safety Contact List

Accessing UNOS Connect

If you are a registered UNetSM user, you already have access. After logging onto UNet, select Resources from the main menu and choose UNOS Connect from the dropdown menu. This will bring you directly to the UNOS Connect website and give you instant access to all of our training materials.

Don’t have access to UNet? Just visit the UNOS Connect home page and follow the instructions to create an account.

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