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KPD member tips

KPD member tips

In an effort to improve knowledge among participants in the OPTN KPD pilot program, we are offering a series of tips for KPD system users. The topics are chosen based on feedback.

Go to our living donation page to find more information and forms in the KPD toolkits.

June 2019

Coordinators provided feedback that they find it helpful for donor hospitals to scan, label, and upload Donor CTA and HLA reports as separate documents, This helps matched candidate centers more easily respond to match offers.

Please consider incorporating this into your practice when entering a donor into KPD.

Questions about this or any KPD practice call or email the OPTN KPD Operations Team

  • Ruthanne Leishman, RN, MPH 804-782-4770
  • Jennifer Musick 804-782-4517
  • Megan Oley 804-782-4087

[email protected]

April 2018
KPD e-manual: Three chapters added

The OPTN/UNOS KPD Advisory Council (AC) is working on an e-manual to help KPD hospital members.

Chapter 1 Consent and enrolling pairs was added June 2017. Since then, AC has added three additional chapters.

Match offer process
Learn about the process after your pair has found a match.

How matching works
Learn about the types of matches found in the OPTN program; Open versus closed chains, how to manage bridge donors, and how the system matches donors and candidates.

Permissions & communication methods
Learn how to grant transplant hospital staff access to:

  1. Enroll donors and candidates in KPD UNetSM.
  2. Receive match offer emails.
  3. Communicate with other hospitals in an exchange.
  4. Participate in the KPD listserv.

November 2017
Join the OPTN KPD Google group and share your ideas

A new OPTN KPD Google group (listserv) is a great place to get in touch with colleagues at other transplant centers, ask questions and share ideas. To sign-up, email [email protected] and request to be added to the KPD listserv.

October 2017
KPD basic orientation webinars offered twice a month

When: First Tuesday of each month @ 2 p.m. and fourth Wednesday @10 a.m. (ET)

To keep the webinar interactive, each orientation is limited to 3 transplant hospitals participating (with unlimited number of hospital staff from each center)

Presented by: KPD staff Ruthanne Leishman and Jennifer Musick

For: Transplant hospital staff new to the OPTN/UNOS KPD program. This can be staff at hospitals who have just joined the OPTN/UNOS program or new staff at existing KPD participating hospitals.

Purpose: To educate hospital staff on the basics of how the OPTN/UNOS KPD program works.


  • Types of exchange found in KPD
  • Helpful hints on entering donor and candidate data
  • How matching occurs
  • Exchange process from offer to surgery day

To register, email [email protected] with the names of individuals attending, name of you transplant hospital, date you would like to attend. You will receive an invitation for a Go To Meeting. Learn more.

If routine webinars do not work for your team, contact [email protected] to request an alternate date.

August 2017
Comment on the KPD deceased donor-initiated chains concept paper

Demand for kidneys far exceeds supply. As of July 2017, approximately 97,000 candidates are registered
on the OPTN Wait List for a deceased donor kidney. Kidney paired exchange chains have potential for
greatly increasing the number of transplants in the nation.

Learn more and provide your feedback, through October 2, 2017.

July 2017
New KPD patient resource available to print and share 

UNOS created a one-page sheet that explains how kidney paired donation works from the perspective of six program participants. We encourage transplant professionals to print out the resource and use it to educate potential candidates and donors about the benefits of kidney paired donation.

View KPD patient information.

Access other KPD patient resources.

June 2017
KPD e-manual: Consent & enrolling pairs

The OPTN/UNOS KPD Advisory Council is working on an e-manual to help KPD participants.

Here’s some information about getting started with the match process: Consent & enrolling pairs.

May 2017
Benefits of OPTN/UNOS KPD for professionals

  • There is no cost to join and no additional fees.
  • Choose your matching options – match pairs nationally, by state, or by hospital.
  • Initial candidate information in WaitlistSM automatically transfers when you register a candidate in the KPD system.
  • Transplant centers can upload the donor medical record in lieu of entering optional data fields.
  • Candidate hospitals can pre-select donors prior to matching.
  • Track deadlines and communicate with an exchange-level message board.
  • You can enter suitable pairs to find better matches (age, size, and HLA).
  • A UNOS KPD advisor will assist with the match process for each exchange.

April 2017
Your KPD advisor

We are now assigning a personal advisor to each KPD exchange, as a way to enhance KPD service to you and to encourage more transplants.

Exchange advisors will reach out to KPD coordinators upon exchange acceptance. Advisors are here to support you through the match process, answer both match-specific and broad KPD questions, and will work with you to overcome obstacles in moving the exchange forward.

You will be notified of your exchange advisor via our new message board at the time of match offer.

Advisors are here to help! Please reach out any time.

  • Ruthanne Leishman, KPD Program Manager: 804-782-4770
  • Jennifer Musick, KPD Operations Coordinator: 804-782-4517
  • [email protected]

December 2016
Is your pair eligible to participate in match runs?
Find out how to check eligibility status of donors and candidates in the KPD system.

November 2016
Individuals receiving match offer emails
Learn more about adding, deleting and making changes to electronic communications about KPD match offers, as well as who to include.

October 2016
Transporting living donor kidneys
Living donor kidneys may be shipped if the KPD living donor, candidate, and both hospitals agree. View answers to frequently asked questions about the logistics and issues involved.

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