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Find Primer 2016 presentations on UNOS Connect

Find Primer 2016 presentations on UNOS Connect

The following courses were originally part of the curriculum for the 2016 UNOS Primer. Although the Primer was cancelled, videos of these lectures are available for viewing. You can find the videos on UNOS’s learning management system, UNOS Connect.

What’s Cold is Hot
Learn what kinds of technologies may affect organ transplantation in the next few years. Take a peek into what the more distant future may hold if emerging technologies succeed.

Special Considerations and Challenges in Management of Children and Adolescents Presenting to Adult Transplant Centers
Several aspects of transplantation are unique to pediatric candidates, including pediatric priority allocation and what adult centers need to know to help children gain access to transplantation. This video covers these specific aspects as well as challenges to transplant access, targeted strategies to manage these challenges, and general principles and best practices for transitioning young adults from pediatric to adult healthcare settings after their transplant.

Unexpected Moments of Creative Inspiration
After graduating from UCLA with a law degree and a master’s degree in business administration, Martine Rothblatt served as president/CEO of the satellite navigation company, Geostar. In 1990, she created Sirius Satellite Radio, serving as its chair/CEO. Six years later, she founded United Therapeutics Corp., which focuses on the development and commercialization of biotechnology to address the unmet medical needs of patients with chronic and life-threatening conditions. Listen to Rothblatt’s personal story and learn how by questioning conventional wisdom she yielded amazing results.

Accessing the recordings
After logging on to UNOS Connect, select Course Catalog from the menu. Next, select the QLT category and scroll through the list to find your video. Register for the course and click Launch to begin.


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