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Director of Clinical Services (Organ and Tissue Donation)

Director of Clinical Services (Organ and Tissue Donation)

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The Director of Clinical Services (DCS) directly manages and oversees daily operations of the organ, tissue and perfusion services.  The DCS is responsible for developing and maintaining policies and procedures related to the recovery of organs and tissues for transplant, research and therapy donation, as well as maintaining responsibility for evaluating and analyzing departmental operational plans, monitoring and maintaining financial performance indicators and recommending opportunities for future growth.  The DCS is responsible for personnel management of staff within his/her departments to include, but not be limited to, monitoring, training and professional development, assisting with performance issue identification and resolution and making recommendations for promotional opportunities.  The DCS is expected to participate in the clinical call schedule as needed.  The DCS ensures all work is in compliance with federal, state and industry requirements.  All activities of the DCS are defined by and in collaboration with the Chief Clinical Officer (CCO), or designee.


Essential Duties & Responsibilities

1.     Maintains skills and responsibilities of the Clinical Donation Coordinator (CDC) and utilize those skills as needed.

2.     Regularly serves as the Administrator On-Call (AOC) for Tissue and Organ and maintains 24-hour availability to act as a resource to staff regarding clinical, allocation, donation suitability, recovery or staff utilization issues or questions.

3.     Works with recovery managers/supervisors to provide operational oversight of all clinical (organ and tissue) policies and procedures within his/her department.  This includes policy development and revisions as needed, according to company standards and all state and federal requirements.

4.     Works with recovery managers/supervisors to provide operational oversight of all clinical staff within their department.  This includes, but is not limited to, monitoring staff training and professional development, identification and resolution of staff performance issues and making recommendations for clinical staff advancement and promotions.

5.     Responsible for ensuring all organ and tissue recovery-related processes maintain the highest quality standards and meet or exceed compliance standards of all regulatory and/or accrediting agencies including UNOS, AOPO, FDA, AATB, OSHA, CMS, etc.

6.     Works with the Director of Quality, or designee, to evaluate and develop Performance Improvement initiatives to create a continuous performance improvement culture within the organization.

7.     Works with the Director of Communications and Director of Hospital Development to assist with public and professional education activities regarding organ and tissue donation processes as needed.  This includes providing professional presentations as requested.

8.     At the direction of the CCO, works with the Chief Financial Officer (CFO) to monitor and maintain sound financial practices within the organ, tissue and perfusion services with the goal of ensuring the organization honors our financial stewardship responsibilities of the donation mission.

9.  Works with our Medical Directors to continually review and enhance clinical evaluation, donor management, organ allocation and organ & tissue recovery practices for the purpose of identifying and resolving clinical process and performance issues and with the goal of maximizing the gift of organ, eye and tissue donation.

10.     Works with the CCO to build and maintain our relationships with the Coroners.

11.     Works with the CCO to build and maintain relationships with tissue processors to address issues and develop strategies to maximize the gift of tissue donation in our Designated Service Area (DSA).

12.     Works with the CCO to build and maintain our relationships with local and regional transplant centers.

13.     Ensures the company maintains adequate clinical staffing to honor the gift of organ, eye and tissue donation.  This includes adequate and available monthly “on-call” full-time and per-diem staffing to maintain organ and tissue donation services.

14.     Monitors and maintains the per-diem Tissue Recovery Technician (TRT) program to ensure adequate staffing, training and equitable responses to requests for tissue donation in collaboration with the Manager, Tissue.

15.     Works closely with other organizational leaders to ensure a positive, collaborative, and supportive professional environment for staff.

16.     Continually maintains a positive and professional attitude and is an example for others within the organization.

17.     Demonstrates an ability to transfer process and technical knowledge to staff in an effective and professional manner.

18.  At the direction of the CCO, participates in the Medical Advisory Committee as required.

19.  Works with and builds working relationships with industry partners and tissue processors.

20.  Other duties as assigned.


Qualifications, Education & Experience


·         BS degree in life sciences, business or health related field;

·         Three (3) years of experience in organ and tissue donation management;

·         Five (5) Years of management experience; or,

·         An equivalent combination of education and experience.

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