The UNOS Update magazine was published and distributed for almost 30 years--free of charge--as an educational service to OPTN/UNOS members, including transplant surgeons, physicians, nurses, coordinators, social workers and others. Its secondary audience included the extended community of transplant candidates and recipients, living donors, donor families, advocacy organizations and the general public.

Over its three decades, the award-winning magazine grew in the scope and depth of its coverage of transplant-related events, news and policy. With a mission to inform, inspire and encourage participation--and with the growing fondness of readers for digital media--in early 2010 features from each issue were selected for publication on the UNOS Web site. With the September/October 2012 issue, the Update--while continuing as a print publication--additionally was published in entirety online. The March/April 2014 marked its farewell issue for both print and digital versions.

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