UNetSM, the electronic transplant information application, enables the OPTN to collect data entered by transplant professionals on transplant candidates, deceased and living donors, and transplant recipients. OPTN members that enter these data include transplant centers, histocompatibility laboratories, and organ procurement organizations.

Pre-transplant information is derived primarily from the waitlist and match runs. Transplant professionals enter some pre-transplant information about both candidates and recipients and post-transplant information about recipients on organ-specific OPTN data collection forms. Information used to reconcile donor and recipient data about the transplant is entered on the Donor Organ Disposition record.

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Did you know?

UNetsm enables transplant centers, organ procurement organizations and histocompatibility laboratories to:

  • manage their lists of waiting transplant candidates
  • access and complete electronic versions of Data Collection Forms
  • add donor information and run donor-recipient matching lists
  • access various transplant data reports and policies